Monday, July 9, 2007

Chapter 33 Wedding Bliss Part 2

 Sara Sidle and Gil Grissom stood on front on thier beautiful wedding cake with a knife ready to cut it for thier guests.Catherine was first in line and Sara cut her the first piece of cake and handed it to her with a smile joking that Catherine got the best piece."Wow it looks delicious" Catherine exclaimed and went to sit down and enjoy it.Gil cut a little piece and put in inside Sara's mouth "Mmmmmm" she smiled "Sooo good" The cake was lemon and it was moist and sweet and delicious. She cut a little hunk and fed it to him as Warrick stepped up in line and smiled at them both, they were so cute together and Gil cut him a piece of cake and handed it to him .

After they cut the cake Grissom stepped up to the microphone in the room and thanked everyone for coming, he then glanced at Sara and how absolutely beautful she looked and he said fondly "Look at my wife, is'nt she the most beautiful bride you have ever seen?" Everyone turned to look at Sara and she blew Grissom a kiss and he came back where she was sitting and reached for her delicate hand "Care to dance with me beautiful ?" he asked and Sara grinned and stood up and they went out to the dance floor and danced to the song "The way you look tonight" Catherine wiped away tears as she watched them dancing.Sara had never looked happier and Grissom was so in love.They continued dancing and others joined them out on the dance floor.Laura Sidle was anxious to congradulate Sara and talk to her.She was so happy for Sara and she loved seeing her daughter so happy.

The photographers appeared and looked around for the couple and saw them dancing and waited patiently for them to finish, they wanted to take some more pictures of the couple .Sara and Grissom noticed them and came over for the pictures, they posed and both looked elegant and the photographers snapped away.Finally after the photos Laura got a chance to talk to Sara, Sara came over and sat by her and she kissed Sara and told her "Honey you look so beautiful" Sara smiled and said "Thanks mom , I'm so glad you could come" Laura 's eyes sparkled and she said "I would'nt have missed it for the world" Sara blinked away tears of joy and she saw Grissom smiling at her from across the room.She smiled back at him and her mom whispered "Wow is he handsome" Sara giggled and said "I know" Grissom had never looked better in his shiny black and white tuxedo and Sara felt like the luckiest lady on earth to have such a wonderful and caring man as her husband.To Be Continued ...................................


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